Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Torah Codes - an interesting link and project idea

Here is something that is very interesting and can make an exciting project for an older child or an adult for that matter, who likes history, computer modeling and mathematics, particularly probability and statistics.  Our sages teach us that everything is in the Torah.  Apparently not just metaphorically speaking either.  There is a Jewish tradition going way back that there are things and events encoded in the Torah text if one counts equidistant spaces between letters, etc.  A number of years ago Bible codes made quite a splash when with the aid of computers all kinds of historical events were found encoded in the Torah.  I even know someone who got interested in Judaism and ended up converting because of a TV program she saw on Bible codes that sparked her interest.  The above site is very thorough.  It explains the scientific side of things, answers questions and lists many examples.  It's really quite impressive.  One does need to be able to read hebrew to fully appreciate the examples given though.  Interesting stuff!


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