Friday, December 31, 2010

Art projects and lessons

I love doing art projects and I love looking for new ideas for more crafty things to do. Just today as I was cleaning up and reorganizing the house a little,  I enjoyed the fact that there are so many former projects of various sorts decorating the house and really making it into a home that is unique to our family. But this past month we were just too busy with other things to really get anything major going.  So the other night, one of my sons, while complaining about something else just blurted out that he was upset that we "don't even do projects anymore".  It was sad but it was also kind of sweet.  It's nice to know that creative projects are such a part of their lives that when we don't do it, they feel like they are really missing something.  So this mommy better look through her blog's craft section and get some art activities going around here.  Meanwhile, here is a link for a site that has lots of great art projects and lessons for kids.


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