Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some interesting language and education links

Here is a link to Joy Hakim's of the History of US fame blog with interesting reflections on teaching, history, classical story narrative approach and other observations.  I haven't looked at these books extensively recently because the last time I've seen one, my kids were too young for it, but it might be something worth looking into for twaddle-free history teaching.
Here is an interesting piece on Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization - Charlotte Mason fans as well as those of the Suzuki Talent Education method will be pleased.
Here is a unique language arts program which looks interesting in its' approach and you can take a look at some samples.  If you have a child who is into language, grammar and etymology, he might like this.  But alas, it's quite expensive so other cheaper avenues of acquiring the same skills can be pursued such as Charlotte Mason method or any other method emphasizing living books .
What unites these three links is the idea that language proficiency and sophistication is crucial to intellectual development and the stress on the fact that these truths were once assumed to be self-evident and were part of a standard education. Therefore, if we would like our children to be able to think and express themselves with the aforementioned proficiency and sophistication we would be wise to go back to the old and proven methods of instruction.


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