Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beautiful Judaic Art

As part of art appreciation, I think it's important to include some beautiful Judaic art in many mediums that is available.  Especially for the artistically inclines it can be very inspirational to see how Judaism and art can find expression in a work of  great beauty and superb craftsmanship.  Here is one example http://www.muchnikarts.com/.  A long time ago I got a set of lovely postcards in the mail as a Rosh Hashana fundraiser from some school.  They were really beautiful but I  didn't know the name of the artist who painted them.  Years later, I came across a series of children's books by Michoel Muchnik, whose illustrations we really enjoyed.  I decided to look up the author and lo and behold it was the same artist whose work I admired so long ago.  But there more examples of art on Jewish themes - papercuttings, micrography, illuminated letters, calligraphy, jewelry and ritual objects made of silver and other metals.  One can even try out some of the above for an art project.  We have to make Judaism alive and beautiful to our children.   This is one way to enhance their love of G-d and His Torah and to maybe use their artistic talents as well.


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