Monday, December 27, 2010

More old books for Jewish children and youth

I am always on a lookout for good reading material for the kids, especially of the Jewish kind and today I came home with a bag full of just such books.  Today, I borrowed some really great books from the local Jewish lending library.  Among them were a few old books (whenever I see old, I get excited) which were a compendium of a British Jewish Youth Journal  called Haderech from the 1970'sand 1980's from Keren HaTorah Publishing.  So far the stories that I read were fantastic in terms of content, language, originality, etc., the journals also include poetry, puzzles, quizzes, quotes, holiday related materials and such.   I also like the fact that the stories I've read so far were inspirational, positive and not scary.  The Best of Olameinu story collections were high quality in terms of writing and content but featured a dispraportionate number of Holocaust and other scary historical event stories which was just too much for my 8 year old who is very sensitive to such things.  So I am really looking forward to reading more of these anthologies, which to my great delight are available on Amazon.  These would make great resource for reading practice, copywork and possibly be an inspiration for writing more of this kind of stories  and maybe starting a magazine like that, even just as a project or a family newspaper or a youth group thing.  Another name that keeps on surfacing in the quality Jewish children's stories department is Gershon Kranzler. You get really excellent writing, but in some of the books the content is too scary for the young and the sensitive types so parents have to pick and choose.  Yet another quality publication from the past for teens and adults are the series of books from the 1940's and 1950's called the Jewish Pocket Books where you can get history, philosophy and other interesting things like that. Here is one.   As always, when you read these old books, you also get a feel for the historical context as an additional bonus.


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