Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beautifully written

When a person looks at a beautiful piece of art or hears a stirring piece of music or beholds a breathtaking view, it moves something inside and uplifts a person.  It also educates the person to appreciate beauty, craftsmanship and excellence and perhaps to aspire to it.  When one encounters a beautifully written work it does all of the above and more ( at least for people who appreciate this kind of thing and like language).  In the recent decades the field of the Jewish publishing has really grown and there is plenty of excellent content available but I just wanted to mention a few of my favorite authors who combine superb content with superb writing. When one reads something by these authors, one gets the double pleasure of combined exquisiteness of expression and the beauty of the content.  So in the fashion of Charlotte Mason education, by reading these books we don't only gain important things from the standpoint of Jewish learning but also develop the appreciation for good writing that could then be emulated  in our own.   So here not in any particular order are a few of my favorites.   This is just a sampling and the links are not all inclusive.  In general, one I figure out the technical side, I'd like to put together a few booklists for different subjects. So to be continued...
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman
Sarah Shapiro
Hanoch Teller
Meir Uri Gottesman


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