Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter's music

As I am writing this, the winds are howling outside.   The winter has finally come to Israel this year.  We have finally unearthed all our winter things from storage.  After all, only a couple of days ago one could barely believe it was December, as we were bombarded with  a heat wave after heat wave.  But now winter is here.  It's nice to be warm inside when the weather is stormy outside.  It always makes me think of cozy family times, bundled up children, rosy cheeks,  hot soup,snow and other such idyllic pictures.  Even though the reality is often not quite as idyllic as the aforesaid images, where chaos,sore throats and other culprits intrude upon my landscape, not to mention that snow is almost unheard of here.  Still, the little people draped over couches and stretched out on the floor or the play mat, looking at books, coloring, playing and talking make my heart sing with joy and provide all the necessary romance and nostalgia for the imaginary winter scenes to set my brain abuzz with plans for all sorts of activities and projects for the real winter to come.  In my head, I am writng curriculums,  setting educational goals, considering what winter peraphernalia is still missing,  deciding what will go on the next "educational purchases" list and trying to get all of us more organized so things flow more smoothly for the whole family.   All this, with the winter weather music playing in the background where the winters of my past and future meld into one wintery medley of happiness and anticipation.


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