Monday, December 20, 2010

So what DO they play with?

I've been meaning to clean out the toy drawers, AGAIN.  Every now and then, I sort through the mess and try to organize everything but most of the time it just ends up in a jumble soon enough anyway.  Once in a while, I hear one of the visiting children ask to see the toys and my mind just keeps coming up with a blank.  Where are their toys, what do they play with?   We have plenty of toys or pieces of toys but what do they actually play with on regular basis?  So after careful analysis, here is the synopsis.  They mostly play imagination games using costumes, dolls, books and various other household items as props.  There are some toys that see some use such as the wooden blocks and the kappola, the dollhouses, the box cars with the map of a town mat, the dolls strollers which sometimes double as wheelchairs and such, the balls, the tricycle, the jump rope often doubling as a leash, occasional stuffed animal and the rocking horse.  Sometimes they play with their toys in ways that were not intended by the manufacturer.  They love bubbles and play dough and other assorted arts and crafts supplies which they use frequently in many different ways.  Sometimes they like to tinker around and do things in the yard.  And they love books, each in his or her special way both the readers and the not-yet readers are major book lovers.  I never really thought about our relatively toyless existance but it makes me smile, I wouldn't want it any other way.


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