Monday, December 20, 2010

Comments are now functional, sort of

After fighting this comment problem for quite some time, the comments now seem to work but ONLY if you click on the particular post you wish to comment upon, which will then lead you to a "leave a comment form", don't ask.  Apparently, there is no way one can directly contact Blogger for tech support.   So it looks like one has to become a whole lot more computer savvy to a)solve one's own problems or b)be able to understand and follow instructions of other computer savvy people who can solve one's problem:)  I hope to hear from you all, provided that form actually works and is not an optical illusion designed to appease irritated and exhausted bloggers after a certain large number of failed attempts to sove a technical problem on one's own.  If all else fails, you can always contact me the old-fashioned way and send me an email:)


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