Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Succos in December or the art of Jewish repurposing

One great thing about living in Israel, is that Chanukah is just Chanukah and is not overshadowed by the X-mas season and all its trappings.  But having visited many craft sites at this time of year, it's decorations, gift giving ideas and other holiday stuff all the time.  So it occurred to me that actually many of those ideas would work well as sukkah decorations, especially all those garlands, even though they were not intended as such.  Handmade food gift ideas would be lovely as mishlach monos.   Creative gift giving ideas are good for birthdays and such and a little behind the times but all the tips and tricks for Halloween costumes and make up could be useful when Purim rolls around as well.  So I think, I'll store all these inspirations for future reference.


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