Friday, December 17, 2010

Too much

We live in the times of great abundance of everything.  But specifically because of all of this abundance many people are in constant overload mode.  The great tragedy of today is totally forgotten tomorrow.   Things are constantly upgraded, so anything that was top of the line innovation today is old news tomorrow.  One can never fully enjoy anything because somewhere right beyond the horizon there is a better and more perfect something awaiting.  It's just like an ever expanding universe that just kept on going until Hashem (G-d) said dai - enough, stop here.  I think there is a message for all of us here, there comes a point where we have to stop and say it's enough. It's time to stop researching, looking for something better, it's time to work with what you have today, to appreciate the now, to act and make something beautiful right here and not always look to tomorrow.  One has to learn to take today and rejoice in it even though it is not yet perfect.  As long as one is moving in the right direction, there is often more than one path to get to one's goal.  So one's the direction is determined one can procede forwards with faith and not worry too much about the better options that might be available.  The important thing is to move forward.  I see it a lot with our educational adventures, the progress is never linear.  Today everyone was enthusiastic, yesterday they balked at doing everything, today they like the math and screamed about writing, tomorrow a science experiment or a historical event will capture their imagination.  But we are moving forward, sometimes ever so slowly.  We have to stop crippling ourselves by looking for greener pastures not realizing that we are already in a green pasture, that something wonderful is already happening today.  Sometimes less is more and sometimes we need to change tactics to adapt to new realities but we can't get stuck in inaction because we are overwhelmed  and inundated by overabundance.


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